Houswive's Choice
Top 10 of 2013 Smooch Awards:

Here are Heather and Selene's top ten reads of 2013.  
These are books we read in 2013 ... not all were published in 2013!  
Heather's Top 10 of 2013 

1.  Beneath The Burn by Pam Godwin 
2.  Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
3.  Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
4.  In The Stillness by Andrea Randall
5.  Unteachable by Leah Raeder
6.  Arsen by Mia Asher
7.  Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder
8.  Dark Duet by C.J. Roberts
9.  Slammed by Colleen Hoover
10. The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

Selene's Top 10 of 2013
(mine are not ranked in order!)

1.  Remember When by T.Torest
2.  The Dark Duet series by C.J. Roberts
3.  Arsen by Mia Asher
4.  Unteachable by Leah Raeder
5.  Willing Captive by Belle Aurora
6.  Beats by Kendall Grey
7.  Emi Lost & Found Series by Lori Otto
8.  Hopeless / Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover
9.  Wait for You by J. Lynn / Jennifer Armentrout
10.  Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

2013 Reader's Choice Smooch Award Winners!!!

 You nominated and voted for your favorites of 2013 and here they are!  These categories were selected by our readers as well.  These are all yours!  Of course we added our own choices who may or may not have been among the reader's nominees... bc we can do that ;)  Thanks to all who nominated and voted!!!

***Best New Author 2013...***
K. Bromberg!!!!

Housewives' Choice:
Heather: Mia Asher & Ilsa Madden Mills
Selene:  Mia Asher AND Leah Raeder 

***Best Alpha 2013...***

Housewives' Choice:
Heather:  Remy
Selene:  Alex, Fraternizing by C.C. Brown  

***Best Cliffie 2013...***
Fueled by K. Bromberg

Housewive's Choice:
Heather: Connected by Kim Karr
Selene:  Connected by Kim Karr 
 Remember When 2 by T.Torest

***Favorite Couple 2013...***
Travis and Abby 
Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Housewives' Choice:
Heather: Jesse and Rowen (Lost & Found by Nicole Williams)
 Selene:  Nox and Lily, Willing Captive by Belle Aurora
Trip and Layla, Remember When trilogy by T.Torest

***Most F*ckable Male 2013...***
Remington Tate
Real/Mine/Remy by Katy Evans

Housewives' Choice:
Heather: Remy (Real/Mine by Katy Evans)
Selene:  Mason, Ambrosia & Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle
Dean Holder, Hopeless / Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

***Biggest Book Hangover 2013...***
Fueled by K. Bromberg

Housewives' Choice:
Heather: Beneath The Burn by Pam Godwin
Selene:  Beats by Kendall Grey

***Best Piercing 2013...***
Greg Cage 
Cage by Harper Sloan

Housewive's Choice:
Heather: Rule (Rule by Jay Crownover)
Selene:   Trip, Conflicted Love by Lola Stark

***Best Public Porking 2013...***
Colton and Rylee
Driven/Fueled by K. Bromberg

Housewives' Choice:
Heather: Shades, Letty, & Rax
(Strings by Kendall Grey)
Selene: Madison and Paul (under the pier), Sex Love Repeat by Alessandra Torre

***Best Sequel 2013...***
Fueled by K. Bromberg

Housewives' Choice:
Heather: Remember When 2 by T. Torrest
Who We Are by Shanora Williams
Selene:  Epilogue by C.J. Roberts
Until You by Penelope Douglas

***Best Standalone 2013...***
Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Housewives' Choice:
Heather: Beneath The Burn by Pam Godwin
Selene:   Willing Captive by Belle Aurora

***Best Tattoo 2013...***
Remy's celtic tattoos
Real by Katy Evans

Housewive's Choice:
Heather:  Andrew & Camryn's Orpheus and Euridice tattoos 
(The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski)
Selene:  Rax's snake tattoo, Hard Rock Harlots series by Kendall Grey

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