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Please send all review requests to the email address above!  We receive a lot of requests and cannot accommodate all, but we will fit in as many as we can.  If we are interested in reviewing your book, you will receive a response with an estimated time-frame for when we can have it reviewed for you.

Our Twosome Tuesday reviews are very limited and usually reserved for our most highly anticipated releases, however you are more than welcome to request a buddy review and we will see if we have a date available!

We strive to be fair to both the authors we review for as well as the readers to whom we are promising honest reviews.  We will never bash an author, however we will be completely honest on whether or not we enjoyed the book and why.  All criticism  will be done in a constructive manner.  We respect the hard work and dedication it takes to write a book and would love to help you promote your work! 

***At this time we will NOT be accepting review requests until we get caught up on our current commitments.  Thank you and please check back with us later!


  1. Love your Blog would love to review one of my books sometime

    W.L. Sexton

  2. Hey! Thanks for the love! Our email address is above for any requests. Thanks!