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Twosome Tuesday: Mine by Katy Evans, Blog Tour

Title: Mine
Author: Katy Evans
Date for Release of Paperback: November 5, 2013
Publisher: Gallery Books
Blog Tour Hosted by: The SUBClub Books

"I will do anything to make her MINE." -Remington Tate

In the international bestseller REAL, the unstoppable bad boy of the Underground fighting circuit finally met his match. Hired to keep him in prime condition, Brooke Dumas unleashed a primal desire in Remington "Remy" Tate as vital as the air he breathes . . . and now he can't live without her.

Brooke never imagined she would end up with the man who is every woman's dream, but not all dreams end happily ever after, and just when they need each other the most, Brooke is torn away from the ringside. Now with distance and darkness between them, the only thing left is to fight for the love of the man she calls MINE.

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Heather's Review:

5 "You're going to fucking love me if it kills us" SMOOCHES
I know I caused all this… I hurt me, and I hurt him and a whole shitload of people… But I'm so wounded inside, I just want to lock myself up somewhere and have a good, long cry.

Have you ever made a terrible decision and known that the resulting pain was all your fault, but the repercussions hurt so much that you couldn't even care? This is where we begin in Mine. Brooke is a shattered mess. Her heart is broken and she has only herself, to blame; but that doesn't stop her from taking it out on Remy. She knows how badly she messed up in leaving him, but can't find a way to deal with the aftereffects that come with crushing the heart of Remington Tate.

"How well did you think I'd cope when you left? Did you think it would be easy on me? That I wouldn't feel alone? Betrayed? Fucking lied to? Used? Discarded? Worthless? Dead? Did you think there wouldn't be days where I loathed you more than I loved you for tearing me apart? Did you?"

He's angry at me. He's angry at me because I'm being ridiculous and I hate that I can't stop being ridiculous and then I'm angry at myself.

They are both hurting and miserable and… stuck. Brooke and Remy know that they belong together. They love each other so much, that any alternative is unthinkable. Remy's pain and anger resonated deep inside me and Brooke's devastation just literally broke.my.heart.

We're the object of each other's hurt and each other's solace.

By chapter three I was a sobbing mess with the pain I felt for Brooke. I related to her because I know that I would feel the same in her position. I shared her unreasonable anger toward Remy. And, that poor man was beside himself with trying to figure out how to make things right with them again.

"You…are going to love me until I die. I'm going to make you love me even if it hurts, and when it hurts, I'm going to make it better, Brooke… You're going to fucking love me if it kills us."


Remy and Brooke are finally together again, but in addition to trying find peace with their past, new problems arise. It seems they can never just be… they are always fighting some outside force, or their own insecurities and jealousies.

I fear that even when I've given everything of myself to this man, he will always have me, but he will never really be mine.

Mine is the PERFECT follow-up to Real. I was worried that Katy would not be able to recapture the magic that was Remy in Real, but she did that and so much more. I felt the emotions from both Brooke and Remy… felt them deep down in my bones. At times I found it hard to breathe.

When Remy enters the ring for the first time in Mine, and the announcer shouts "You asked for him ladies and gentlemen...The one, the only, RRRRRRRiiiiiiippppppppptiiiiiiiide!," I was IN that arena. I felt my adrenaline pump and wanted to jump up cheering for MY Remy!!! He's baaaaaack!!!!! Katy does such a great job of bringing you into the scene from sights, to smells, to little glances and touches. She reaches all of your senses.

Mine is an emotional rollercoaster. There are the highs and the lows. And then, there are the REALLY lows. But the good is oh, SO good. Remy is fierce and passionate. He is perfectly imperfect and his flaws are what makes him so REAL. Mine is jam packed with moments that will take your breath away, that will piss you off, break your heart, fill it to bursting, and sex that will make your toes curl! It is one of the BEST sequels I have ever read and a definite MUST READ!

Selene's Review:

5 breathless smooches

Brilliant. Captivating. Explosive.

All I know is that I feel this love in every molecule in my body, every breath I take, all the infinity in my soul. - Brooke

And I do too! Brooke and Remy's love consumed me. This story consumed me from the very first page.

Mine starts with Remy's first fight back since throwing the championship last season. He's been training with a vengeance, preparing to face Scorpion and reclaim all he sacrificed in Real. While Remy is fighting his way back in the ring, Brooke struggles to forgive all that happened while they were apart, leaving Remy with another fight on his hands.

"You," he says, his voice terse and commanding as he drags his wet thumb across my lips, "are going to love me until I die. I'm going to make you love me even if it hurts, and when it hurts, I'm going to make it better, Brooke."- Remy

Remy's nemesis Scorpion is back and he fights dirtiest outside the ring. There is a scene early on that gave me nightmares. Scorpion's actions alone are just terrifying but when you factor in Katy's descriptive writing style it's like I was experiencing Brooke's panic and distress. I seriously just shuttered typing that, remembering her ordeal.

Remy and Brooke face a major obstacle, presenting them with new challenges, fears, and a lengthy separation that tests the limits of their love. And that's one of the things I love most about Mine …. Brooke and Remy's love. It consumed me. Their passion … their chemistry … Remy's sexy factor. I don't believe there is a sexier alpha male out there. Remy is just so virile, so masculine, so primal. I would feel like dressing up as Wilma Flintstone and getting ready for my caveman to come home to claim and conquer me if he was mine. I have absolutely no idea how Katy makes a guy licking (as in grooming like a cat) his girl hot but she does. And it's sweet. And it's sexy. In fact, EVERYTHING about that man is sexy. Sex. On. A. Stick.

Another thing I love about Mine is that we get more insight into Remy's illness and his past. I am not a fan of books that delve deep into mental illness … it's just not my thing … but I really feel that Katy handled Remy's disorder in a way that respected my limits. And Brooke's love for Remy makes my heart want to burst. I love how much she loves him, how much she wants to protect and help him.

Remington has been abandoned his whole life. Parents. Teachers. Friends. Even me. Nobody has ever stuck with him long enough to show him he's worth it. What he did, just to get me to touch him and give him some love, makes me burn to drown him with my love until he never, ever, has to ask for it. - Brooke

I didn't think it was possible but I do believe I love Remington Tate more after reading Mine. I was instantly drawn in and I never stopped being captivated until the perfect ending to Brooke and Remy's story. This book took me on the ride of my life .... my emotions were all over the place ... breathtaking highs and heartbreaking lows …. and everything in-between. I had to remind myself to breathe at times!

Hands down, the Real series is one of my favorite series. Katy has an amazing gift of detailing emotions and actions, creating such vivid imagery, bringing everything to life for her readers. Some of the hottest sex scenes ever. Some of the most tender moments between two lovers. **SIGH**

I've been through hell, and I'm back in heaven, and suddenly I know that's the way my life will be: after the dark, I will always, always find my light - which is him.

I really think I might need an extra smooch. Five is not enough. <3

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About the Author: Katy Evans
Hey! I'm Katy Evans and I love family, books, life, and love. I'm married with two children and three dogs and spend my time baking, walking, writing, reading, and taking care of my family. Thank you for spending your time with me and picking up my story. I hope you had an amazing time with it, like I did. If you'd like to know more about books in progress, look me up on the Internet, I'd love to hear from you!

Email: authorkatyevans@gmail.com

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