Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Broken by Ker Dukey

The Broken 
The Broken series #1
by Ker Dukey

Selene's Review

3.5 F-ed Up Smooches

Alright .... I'll admit it.  I browsed the reviews for this book and the word "train wreck" appeared repeatedly.  I love me a good train wreck, dammit, I just can't help myself.  So, last night, out of curiosity more than anything, I picked it up just to check it out.  And, well, three and half hours later I was done.

This book could easily be a bad Lifetime movie.  

And I love me a bad Lifetime movie.

River and Blaydon grew up with much to be desired.  Dad is a drunk and a little too touchy feely with River.  He beats on Blay.  Mom turns the other cheek to it all before killing herself.  Sammy is the boy next door.  His upbringing isn't pleasant either.  He is Blay's BFF and River and Sammy have grown up totally in love with each other.  But because of the two year age difference and his friendship with Blay, Sammy sits on his feelings, anxiously awaiting River's sweet sixteen when he feels it will be okay to confess his love.

Dad leaving when River turns sixteen isn't the only big thing to go down.  River ends up Danny's girlfriend much to Sammy's surprise.  And Danny is bad news .... BAD, BAD, BAD news.  Heart-broken, Sammy packs it up, goes off to college and never looks back.

When Sammy returns home four years later, Sammy and Danny are still together but things are not at all what they seem.  When Danny goes out of town for work, River and Sammy spend time together.  Old feelings reignite and secrets are revealed.  They both crave "what should have been" but Danny has plans of his own to keep River at his side.

There's much to like about this book .... technically, the writing wasn't bad; for the most part, the characters were likable; and there was enough twists and turns to keep my interest.

So what's not to like?  There is too much dang drama.  It comes at you from every angle, every person.  The drama sits you down and gives you a lap dance ... teasing and mocking you.  I feel like so many of the characters' actions were there for shock value, not to add meaning to the story.  And the ending ... props to Ker for getting one more shocker in there at the last minute!

I won't lie .... I did like it. I think Ker has potential as a writer and I will keep my eye on her upcoming books.

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