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Sgt. Alex Cruz took the risk of his life when he pursued and established a relationship with Pfc. Cassie Bennett. Their secret was blown wide open by one life-altering event, leaving their futures in jeopardy.

Escaping the shadows of Marine Corps orders should have been a sigh of relief, but quickly turns into their biggest challenge yet. Alex and Cassie must learn to navigate the road blocks thrown their way, while also figuring out how to function as a couple.

They know what they want, but not always how to attain it. Life will test their love and their resolve, proving that their only option is to learn the art of compromising.

Heather's Review
 3.5 smooches

Compromising is book two of the Fraternizing series and the continuation of Alex and Cassie's story.  If you are reading Compromising then you should have already read Fraternizing and know that Alex and Cassie are facing some serious charges.  It picks up right where book one leaves off.

In Compromising Alex and Cassie have to face the music and also learn to live with the assault on Cassie at the end of Fraternizing.  Surprisingly it is Alex who seems to have the most trouble dealing with the attack.  While I should have found this endearing... it drove me NUTS!!!  I missed alpha-Alex and all of his sexual energy.

Alex went from hot alpha-male in book one to a hot head in book two.  While I found him sexy in the first book... I found him extremely annoying and just wanted to smack some sense into him in this one.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy Compromising.  I just did not enjoy Alex and that was a disappointment.  Cassie was definitely the more mature of the two.  She had her priorities in order and taught Alex a thing or two about "compromising." 

There are a lot of damaged relationships going in to this book and while some are resolved... others are further damaged.  Alex and Cassie have to learn that sometimes you have to forgive and forget and sometimes you just have to let go and move on.  I was very happy with where everyone ended up.  The epilogue is beautiful and left me warm and fuzzy!  I love C.C. Brown and I really really wanted to LOVE Compromising.  While I can't say that I loved it, I really enjoyed it.  Great job Mrs. Brown!  

Selene's  Review

3.5 - Are we there yet? - SMOOCHES

Compromising is the second book in  the Fraternizing series and picks up right where book one ends.  Alex and Cassie's secret is out and they are left to pick up the pieces.

I am a HUGE fan of Fraternizing, the first book in the series.  I absolutely LOVED the alpha a-hole that is Alex Cruz.  I was pretty excited about Compromising and the continuation of Alex and Cassie's story.  And the fact that I didn't find it to be all that and a bag of chips made me weep.  *sigh*  

Don't get me wrong, Compromising isn't a bad book, it's just not nearly as good as the first ... to me anyway.   It's seemed longer than necessary and I got lost at times in the story itself.  Fraternizing was hot and sexy, the forbidden romance between Alex and Cassie added so much OOMPH to the first book that the second sadly lacked.  If Alex and Cassie weren't fighting (which they did a lot of) they still weren't knocking boots when they were together most of the time (much to both Cassie's and my dismay).

It breaks my heart to say these things about Compromising ... especially when I adore CC as much as I do.  Maybe military romances aren't for me when they are more military and less romance which I feel is the case with this book.

I will say though, I LOVED the ending of the story.  I loved where CC took Alex and Cassie .... I suppose I just wasn't a big fan of how she got them there.  If you loved the first book, you definitely need read the conclusion of their story .... just go in knowing you might not have the same experience the second time around.

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Just a book reading, writing loving, mommy and USMC wife! :)
I love to write, even if it isn't what is conventional and makes everyone feel giddy inside. I usually pull from dreams, or ideas that just thrust themselves into my head. I have what some would describe as a dry sense of humor, and I think its conveyed in my writing. I like to think I am a kick ass chick, but I can also be sensitive. I'm learning to grow thick skin, and in this field, it is definitely needed!
I won't put anything out that I am not absolutely proud of, but like E.L. James said, "I can't own people's reactions to it." Thanks for reading my work... I do appreciate it!

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