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Title: Number Thirteen
Author: Bella Jewel
Release Date: March 19, 2014
Genre: Dark Romance
**AUTHOR NOTE - This is NOT a BDSM Romance**


We're thirteen girls, captive, slave to our master. A master we've never seen. Obedience will become all we know in our shallow existence. It is the only emotion we're permitted to feel. When we're bad, we're punished. When we're good, we're rewarded. Our scars run deep. Yet we survive, because we have to... because HE teaches us to. All of us are special, we feel it with everything we are. He has us for a reason, but it's a reason we don't know. We've never seen his face, but we know that something deeply broken lies beneath the darkness. With every touch, with every punishment, we know it. Then something changed. He showed me who he truly is. Now I want him. I'll go against everything I know to be with him.

A monster.

My monster.

Loving him is a sin, but a sinner I am. I won't stop until I see every part of him. Even the parts he keeps locked deep down inside.

I am Number Thirteen, and this is my story. No one said it was pretty, or right, but it's mine.

Heather's Review
4.5 smooches
Emelyn wakes up locked in a room with 12 other girls completely wiped of all of her memories.  She can't even remember her own name.  None of the girls can.  Who put them here and why?  What horrors lie ahead?

"I expected a lot, but something I didn't expect was for him to be so completely stunning.  It doesn't add up in my mind now, though.  Why would someone who is as gorgeous as he need to keep thirteen girls captive?  It doesn't make sense."
Their captor is William.  He is hard not to love.  He has gone through some very horrific things and the prologue just gutted me.  My heart was in my throat and tears in my eyes from the start.  Even though William appears to have lost his ever loving mind and turned into a monster, I still rooted for him.  I still broke for him.  I wanted to find a reason to excuse his barbaric behavior toward these poor girls.
A relationship of sorts forms between William and Emelyn... I guess it is a relationship... he continues to "punish" her and doesn't act as a man in love should.  It is very much your modern day "Beauty and the Beast."

"A beautiful heart can never love a dark heart.  But a dark heart can crave a beautiful one, and it will.  I will crave you, beauty."

When all of the shit goes down, it is not at all what I was expecting.  It was more.  It was better.  And, I LOVED it.  My one gripe would be that there was not enough romance.  I would have loved to see the relationship between William and Emelyn further developed and their bond stronger.  I guess I just really wanted to feel that LOVE and deep connection.  It felt like they just got started... and then it ended.  Overall I loved it and had that relationship been a little deeper, it would have easily been a five star book for me.  This book is different and a bit dark.  I could not put it down!  If you like something a little outside of the box and original then this is for you!

Selene's Review

When I read the prologue for this book (it was pre-released), I was like ..... 


That prologue grabbed me and did not let go.  I was ready for dark.  I was ready to be captivated.  And then it wasn't at all what I was expecting.  And I loved it.  And then I didn't.

William was a sweet young soul until he endures a cruel, traumatic event that leaves him scarred both physically and emotionally.  This part of the story is told in the prologue and it's gut-wrenching.  His life is forever altered at the tender age of thirteen.

Emelyn also comes from pain and unspeakable horrors but her memories have been stolen.  She does not know who she is or why she has been taken.  The only thing she knows is the number thirteen tattooed on her hand.  The unknown taunts her and the other girls in her room as they struggle to survive and understand.

I really liked where this book was going .... something happens though that 100% turned me off and from that point on I had a really hard time relating to William and his feelings toward Emelyn.  To be honest, it soured me a little on the book overall.  So as to not "spoil" this aspect of the story I've hidden it.  Read at your own risk, LOL!

Overall, I did like the book though.  I think I could have loved it if Emelyn and William's relationship started on a different note but it is what it is.  This is the first book by Bella Jewel that I've read and I'm excited to try something else!

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About the Author


Bella Jewel is an Aussie girl through and through. She spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass amounts of pets. She's crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage up to publish, and her first novel Hell's Knights was released in August 2013.

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