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Twosome Tuesday: Willing Captive by Belle Aurora Blog Tour


Author: Belle Aurora
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: September 26, 2013


Delilah "Lily" Flynn is used to her drab existence. Lily's been living it for twenty two years. Her boring life is suddenly turned on its head when she's rudely kidnapped from her bedroom. Or so she thinks. Nox Taylor is far too high up in his field to be assigned a babysitting job. There's nothing more he wants than to complete his mission so he can be rid of the smartass tomboy, Lily. Day after day, Nox watches Lily and her strange ways. She's unlike any woman he's ever met. Getting close to the girl is purely for her own protection…right? Lily never imagined she'd make her first real friends in captivity. What lengths would she go through to keep them? (Author note: This is NOT a dark romance.)

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We reach the diner looking like a newlywed couple. Smiles, hugs, and happy. No one would guess we're sweaty, hot, and tired. When I try to sit at the booth, I almost get whiplash when Nox pulls me into the same side as him. Close. The waitress comes over wearing a knowing smile. Before she gets to us, I pinch his thigh and hiss through a fake smile, "Would you stop doing that?"
He places his lips at the shell of my ear and whispers, "You keep pinching me and I might just pinch you somewhere you don't want to be pinched, baby."
That certainly shut me up.



Heather's Review:

5 "All he has to do is princess me" smooches!

Willing Captive was not at all what I expected. Judging by the cover and synopsis, I expected something dark(and I do loooove me some dark books), instead what I got was well, nothing short of perfection!

Lily is the ultimate heroine. She is funny. She is feisty. Lily is passionate and loyal. She is brave... maybe a little too brave. Did I mention funny?? ? She is FUNNNNNY. I kept picturing my bestie saying her lines bc that is what she resembles. Just one of the girls. Lily is topping my list of book girlfriends! I want to go out and have cocktails with this crazy redhead!

Lily has lead a very sheltered life. She has been kept under lock and key by her oober rich daddy for most of her life. Her only friend is her sister and her only escape beyond her daily trips to the office with her father is through her books.
When she is abducted from her bedroom, she does not go down without a fight. The kidnappers, of course, win out in the end. She is shoved into a van and taken to an unknown location hours from her home.

I'm suddenly staring into a pair of blue eyes that are so cold, if you looked up arctic in the encyclopedia these eyes would be pictured underneath.

Meet Nox Taylor AKA Lily's kidnapper! If I were to be abducted… I would absolutely want Nox to be the one shoving me into the back of a van. HOLY SHIT! That boy is sex on a stick. Nox is a badass. He is cocky and every bit the alpha male.

We learn early on that things may not be quite what they seem.
"You haven't been kidnapped, Delilah."

"Who are you?"

Hottie's lip twitches. "The person who just saved your life, baby."

What the mother fuck?

Nox's minions, AKA Boo and Rock are fabulous! As far as supporting characters go, I don't think I have seen better. Rock and Boo quickly become the best friends that Lily has never had. Being sheltered the way she has, Lily has no friends at all.

My head tells me not to trust them, but my heart begs me to take a chance. I haven't had friends in a long time. And hanging out with Rock and Boo... it almost feels like friendship.

Nox and Lily don't exactly hit it off. They fight constantly. She doesn't know whether to believe him or if he is just telling her that he is protecting her to gain her confidence. Most of her early time in captivity is spent with Boo and Rock and she grows very attached to them. But, Nox is always lurking in the background, keeping his eye on her.

The dark room graced with the bright silhouette of a solid male body. Beautifully dark and mysterious.


Those are the words that flood my mind.

Lily is confused by the way Nox makes her feel. When did she start trusting him?

I'll never admit it to anyone, ever, but I like Nox. I don't know what it is about him. For all I know I have Stockholm Syndrome.
Nox was instantly attracted to the fiery redhead. It is the purpose for his trying to distance himself from her. But, it seems neither is able to resist the pull. Over the months spent together, Nox and Lily get very close. They are together 24/7 and she chooses to put her life in his hands… to trust him and hope for the best.

"Don't wanna let you go."

My heart swells. I whisper back, "Then don't."

But, sometimes we don't have a choice...

Belle Aurora I LOVE you! Will you be my BFF?? Willing Captive had the perfect blend of humor, suspense, and drama. I laughed. I swooned. I cried tears of grief and tears of joy. This is the first book by Belle that I have read and I will be going back and reading her previous books. Willing Captive is a MUST read!

Selene's Review:

5 Perfect Smooches

Every now and then a book comes along that just sweeps you off your feet, capturing your heart in the process. Willing Captive is one of those books.

Delilah Flynn (Lily) is twenty-one and lives a sheltered life. Her self-made, successful, Irish-immigrant father is over-protective-on-steroids … aside from school and work she doesn't leave her parents' sight. Her father does have his reasons though and they are revealed as the story progresses.

Lily finds solace as well as an escape in books and is content with her lonely life. Her quiet existence is shaken when she and her sister are kidnapped from their home. During her time in captivity, Lily forms unique bonds with her captors - Boo becomes a best friend, Boo's boyfriend Rock becomes a brother-like figure, and she eventually falls hard for Nox, the no-nonsense, hot and sexy guy in charge. Lily and Nox have their ups and downs … or downs then ups rather. Lily has every reason to not fall for Nox and vice versa.

Placing my hand on his chest, he pulls me closer to him and runs his hand through my hair gently.
Thinking a millions things all at once, I feel the need to let him in on one of those thoughts. "I trust you, Nox. You won't hurt me. I know it." I whisper, "I trust you."
The hand at my hair stills a moment before he sighs, "Maybe you shouldn't, Lily."

Falling in love is exactly what they do though. And they do it well. Their journey to being together is perfection …. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ebb and flow of their relationship. I love their words. I just love them!!!

As things play out and Lily learns more and more about why she was taken, things aren't at all what they seem.

And that's where I'm stopping … I don't want to spoil any of the story because it's so stinking good!

There's usually one thing you really love about a book … the hero or the heroine, the love scenes, their love story, fantastic writing, funny writing, strong secondary characters … most books are usually good at one of those things, maybe two. Willing Captive rocked each and every one! Seriously, I loved everything about this book. I can't remember the last time I loved both the hero and heroine this much. Lily is hysterical. Whenever the book was being told in her POV, I felt just like I was sitting down with my funniest girlfriend, having drinks and she's telling me the story. Belle Aurora writes a phenomenal heroine in Lily. And Nox … he's now on my book boyfriend list. He is everything a strong alpha male should be and then some.

"A man like Nox is wild.
You can't tame him. You don't want to even try. His ferocity is gorgeous. There is a beauty in every single scowl and glare he shoots my way. Things won't ever be the same for me. And I'm grateful.
I never realized how much I hated my life. Not until he showed me beautiful."
- Lily

I read most of this book on a flight next to my snoozing hubby. I laughed out loud (many times) and I cried both happy and sad tears. Freaked my hubby out a little when he woke up and I was balling. Poor guy, he never knows what he's going to get with me and my books.

"I read a lot, so I know that words hold power. They can bring you from the lowest low to an ultimate high in a matter of moments, and just the opposite too." - Lily

And that, my friends, is exactly with Belle does with Willing Captive. There are heart-breaking lows and heart-bursting highs in the story … and a lot of laughs in-between.

About the Author

Belle Aurora is twenty six years old and was born in the land down under. At an early age she fell in love with reading. Boredom one summer had her scouring the bookshelves at home. She stumbled across Sandra Brown's Breath of Scandal and fell in love with romance. Having been brought up in a loud and boisterous family of Croatian descent, she developed a natural love for dramatics and humor. Only some years ago had she discovered a new love. Humorous romance novels. Kristen Ashley and R.L. Mathewson had opened a brand new world where she could lose herself yet feel safe and at home in their stories. Belle has been known to become a screeching banshee while anxiously awaiting their newest titles. Belle never thought she would write. It had never interested her until recently. Friend-Zoned began to form and in February this year Belle typed the words Chapter One. And she fell in love. With words. With writing. With a creative imagination she never knew she harbored.

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