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Concealed by Selena Laurence

Concealed (Hiding From Love Novel #2) 
by Selena Laurence

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Two years ago, Gabe Thompson stood in the desert of Afghanistan and watched the love of his life drive away. When his tour of duty ended six months later, she wasn’t waiting. Now Gabe’s ready to go after the one thing his life is missing – the woman he’s never been able to forget. 

Twenty-year-old Alexis Garcia rues the day she decided to volunteer for a UN mission to Afghanistan. The sexy, exasperating soldier she met there nearly destroyed her carefully constructed life with the boy next door. She’s spent two years trying to forget Gabe, working to show her parents and her boyfriend that she knows where she belongs. 

But when Gabe shows up at Alexis’s door, complete with tattoos, a Harley and enough attitude to start another war, everything she’s tried to conceal could be exposed, starting with her heart. 

Selene's Review

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We first met Gabe and Alexis in the novella Camouflaged.  Smooth-talking bad boy Gabe is stationed in Afghanistan and meets UN volunteer Alexis there.  They spend a month together and fall in love .... despite their many differences and Alexis' boyfriend back home.  With their plans made to be together after Gabe's tour ends, he says goodbye to the only girl he's ever loved.

Concealed picks up two years later.  Alexis was not waiting for Gabe and he tries in vain to move on and let the past go.  When two years of surfing, partying and girls doesn't erase Alexis from his heart, he decides to pack up his life, move to Texas and get his girl back.

Alexis has already put the past behind her.  Mind you, she has not forgotten Gabe ... her family and boyfriend have convinced her everything she *thought* she felt for him was a result of the traumatic events they endured together in Afghanistan.  Her sense of duty to her family and her heritage steer her right back to the life she had before Gabe.
"Of course we mattered.  But it was a one--off, you know?"  I try to make my tone gentle even though I know the words are anything but."One of those flings you have on vacation or whatever.  It would have  never survived in the real world Gabe."
Ahhhhhh, but Gabe is a fighter.  And he's not giving up on his girl without giving it everything he's got!

This book really surprised me.  Gabe is a cocky alpha male when we meet him in Camouflaged.  In this book though, he's different.  Don't get me wrong, he's still sexy as all get out but he's just different.  I guess love will do that to you.
"I won't lie to you, Alexis.  It was a busy two years, and I drowned my sorrow in surfing and f*cking, and I wish I hadn't, but I can't change it now ... I chose to handle my hurt that way.  I didn't have to.  It's just... It's the only thing I knew and it was easy.  Easier than doing something useful with myself.  I'm so sorry for disrespecting my love for you."
Ladies ... We have a new and improved Gabe Thompson and I. Like. Him.  A lot!!!

In a strange twist, Alexis ends up being the "bad guy" in their relationship.  She finds herself sandwiched between Gabe and her family, trying to keep both sides happy.  She fails miserably.

"... I realize with more awareness than I've ever had just how much power I have over this man - and how abusive I've been with it." - Alexis

A family crisis brings Alexis' boyfriend back into her life and sends Gabe into the arms of another woman.  Can they find their way back together?  Is Alexis strong enough to risk her family's disapproval and financial support to be with Gabe?  And is Gabe able to risk heartbreak again to give Alexis another chance?

My favorite thing about this book is Gabe's transformation from hottie bad boy to major book boyfriend material.  He may leave that alpha asshole part behind but the sexy definitely remains and he is sex on a stick that you want to stick around!  

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