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Sex Love Repeat by Alessandra Torre

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I love two men. I screw two men. I am in a relationship with them both, and they are both aware there is another. That is all they need to know, that is all I let them know. They don’t need to know a name; they don’t need to know anything but that they are not alone in my heart.

They have accepted the situation. Stewart, because his life is too busy for the sort of obligations that are required in a relationship. Paul, because he loves me too much to tell me no. And because my sexual appetite is such that one man has trouble keeping up.

So we exist, two parallel relationships, each running their own course, with no need for intersection or conflict. It works for us, for them, and for me. I don’t expect it to be a long-term situation. I know there is an expiration date on the easy perfection of our lives.

I should have paid more attention, should have looked around and noticed the woman who watched it all. She sat in the background and waited, tried to figure me out. Saw my two relationships, the love between us, and the moment that it all fell apart.

She hates me.
I don’t even know she exists.
She loves them. I love them.
And they love me.

EVERYTHING else hangs in the balance.
Heather's Review

 Things that make you go hmmmm?  Add Sex Love Repeat to that list!  This sexy little book was such a guilty pleasure for me.  Madison is everything I would normally hate in a heroine and somehow I LOVED her! hmmmm.... 

...that is how it is.  I fuck Stewart, I fuck Paul, and they both know about it... the more I fuck one, the more turned on the other gets.  The more competitive, aggressive, loving they become.  It is a constant, whirling sea of sex.  I love it, and they love it.

That about sums it up... Madison loves sex... she loves Stewart and she loves Paul.  Madison gets her cake and eats it too.  And while I wanted to think she was a disgusting skank... Alessandra somehow makes this whole nasty little triangle seem okay!  Really... she does... hmmmm...

I can't reveal too much without giving away major spoilers but there were a few WTF?!?! moments in this book.  It is filled with sex and secrets and kept me engaged from start to finish.  If I have any complaints it would be that there is *gasp* maybe a little too much sex...   But the sex is HOT even if it was at times a bit dirty.  I went into this book just expecting candy and got a completely original storyline with twists and turns that had my jaw hanging.  If you are looking for a very sexy stand alone, this book is for you!

Selene's Review

4 "I will never look at a W Hotel the same again" Smooches

When I come across hoochie heroines, I typically feel bad for them because their promiscuity generally doesn’t come from a good place.  Not so with Madison –

“It’s all wrong, the evolution of our innocent youth into cock-gobbling sluts.  Which seems hypocritical coming from me, but it’s not.  I f*ck because I love it, because I want to – it brings me pleasure.  They fuck because they think that they have to – for the guy, for the queen-bee girl, for the proverbial “f*ck you’ to society that they think it creates.”

Madison gives Samantha Jones a run for her money (if you are thinking “who’s Samantha Jones?” … OMG, really????).  Madison likes, no she LOVES sex and has absolutely no problem sleeping with a guy after knowing him as long as it takes to stand in line to ride a roller coaster and then to ride it.  I don’t mean to be judgmental but I don't think that’s very much time …. even if the line is REALLY long.

Madison meets Stewart.  He’s handsome, rich, sexy, and crazy about her (well, crazy in the bedroom because that’s basically where they spend what little time together they have).  Since Stuart lives and breathes his job and doesn't have a lot of time to spend with Madison, he suggests she go out and find someone else to spend her time with when he’s not available.  So, Madison meets Paul … the third leg of their little triangle.

There are some crazy plot twists in this book and I don’t want to give anything away.  OMG!!!!!!!  There's so much I want to say but I won't for fear of spoiling it for you.  I will say though that when you throw in a woman from Stuart’s past who’s  a little obsessive it all makes for an interesting series of events.  Most I didn't see coming. How awesome is that?   It’s great to come across a book that keeps you guessing and manages to shock the crap out of you in the Epilogue.  

This book gets MAJOR props for (1) original story line – it is NOT your typical love triangle -  and (2) sex scenes – there are MANY and some are down and dirty (emphasis on dirty). 

If you are looking for something different and steamy, this is definitely your next book!

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