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 The man was sinful. It wasn't just the looks that made him dangerous, it was the cocky confidence that dominated every move, every touch. And the frustrating yet ecstatic fact about the whole package was that he could back it all up…

Julia Campbell never knows what to expect with win-at-all-costs Brad De Luca. And she's starting to like it that way. She gave up safe, conventional relationships when she let the elite divorce attorney seduce her into his world. Now that he's determined to strip her naked of every inhibition, she's in danger of falling too deep and too fast.

But their affair begins to feel even more dangerous when a murder leaves a trail of suspicion that points straight to the mob…and Brad. Trusting a man with a bad reputation and a past full of secrets seems like a mistake. But when she's forced to make a choice, the consequences will take her further than she could ever have imagined.


Having two men at one time is a strange experience. My first time in a threesome, I was blindfolded, my senses heightened and restricted to touch, scent, sounds, and taste. The feeling of their hands on my bare skin, caresses, grips, slaps, and fucks. God, those long strokes of pure animal ownership. Scent. Fresh linen, candles, Brad’s unmistakable combination of godknowswhat that drove me absolutely crazy, my own sweat, the strange new scent of the stranger in the room. Sounds. Their ragged breaths, my own heartbeat pounding in my head, a primal groan, whispered words of reverence, the sound of flesh on flesh, of my own wetness. Taste. Tight, stretched skin in my mouth, Brad’s mouth on me, my own taste on their tongues, the eroticism of it all. And finally, the taste of completion when I milked them dry, the flavor of victory and carnal satisfaction. I had done it. I had gone there. And I had loved every minute of it.   


3.5 to 4 -Three Times The Fun- SMOOCHES
"I fell for the feisty, smart-ass Julia that calls me on my shit.  But I'm owned by the vixen that you become behind closed doors." - Brad
When we left Brad and Julia in Blindfolded Innocence, Julia had just participated in her first three-way (M/F/M).  And she loved it.  

Now that Brad knows Julia is up for his "lifestyle" he is willing to enter into a relationship with her. 

And what, exactly, does it look like to be a swinger yet monogamous?    
"I promise to never kiss, caress or fuck another woman without you there, watching it happen.  And I promise to allow you to be as unfaithful as you want, as long as I am there to make sure you're satisfied." - Brad
Next Stop .... Masked Innocence Sex Party!  Julia discovers she is quite the exhibitionist and they have another three-way while there (this time with another girl).

It was an interesting discovery, to know that I liked being dirty.  I wanted to be stared at, pointed to, to have men lining up to fuck me.  Inside, I felt a release of some tie, some leash undone, and I knew my descent into sexual awareness was just now starting. - Julia
Or so she thought this decent was starting!  And me too!  Before Julia can explore her inner ho, the story takes an unexpected turn, leaving no time for sex parties.

While Julia is learning new things about herself, so is Brad - namely that he might actually be capable of having genuine feelings for someone ... and he doesn't like it.
When his eyes returned to mine, they were almost pained, twin fires flicking hot and cold.  "I hate how you make me feel," he whispered. - Brad
For such a smart girl, Julia does some pretty stupid things and gets herself in BIG trouble.  This strange twist of fate, however, puts Brad in a position to contemplate a life without her.  He doesn't like that either.

Brad and Julia are forced to make some life-altering decisions to try to keep her safe.  But will they be enough to save her from the mistakes she's made?

I should probably add that Brad's actions in Vegas (one act in particular) REALLY turned me off to him (in the first book Blindfolded Innocence).  I did not like him after that.  By the end of Masked Innocence though, he had somehow redeemed himself.  Kudos to Alessandra for making that happen!

Truth be told, this book was not AT ALL what I was expecting.  The first book was light, fun, flirty and hinted that this series would be one wild swinging, crazy sex ride.  While this book starts off that way, it is not the way Brad and Julia's story plays out.  I did enjoy it though.  We are left with a cliffhanger and a wait .... until book 3!


Alessandra Torre headshot

Alessandra Torre is a new author who focuses on contemporary erotica. Her first book, Blindfolded Innocence, was published in July 2012, and was an Erotica #1 Bestseller for two weeks. The sequel to Blindfolded, Masked Innocence, will be released in February 2014.

Alessandra lives in the Southern United States and is married, with one young child. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and playing with her dogs. Her favorite authors include Lisa Gardner, Gillian Flynn, and Jennifer Crusie.

Learn more about Alessandra on her website at www.alessandratorre.com, or you can find her on Twitter (@ReadAlessandra) or her Facebook fanpage.

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